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Taking Managed Services can, to a greater extent, let you offload not just minor but even major operations as well. We, FinInfocom, clearly understand the needs of our customers and prove ourselves to be exceedingly helpful for our clients by complying with their requirements of any kind, any time. We, FinInfocom, are adept in monitoring or managing services as required by our clients.

Why rely on FinInfocom for managed services?
Offloading your managed services now can be easier for you as we are here who understand you, your requirements and value your trust more than anything. We are your trusted managed services provider. Let us assist you in managed services that you, as client, would like to bring efficiency in.

How FinInfocom is a different Managed Services Provider?
FinInfocom is a specialized Managed Services Provider with years of experience in providing value-added and the most as-per-the-needs services for the clients across the globe. We tread on specialized routes (that we ourselves have discovered in the long run to bring in perfection in ourselves) and help the clients in achieving their goal with all easiness. We implement innovative ideas in work that we do for our clients who are depended on IT for successful growth in their organization. We provide services from every minor to major IT requirements and help clients in getting their target achieved without any prob.

Any IT Managed Services, Any Time:
We help our clients in strategically leveraging their business through our uniquely crafted ways of implementation or the procurement. We are au fait with all “managed services.” We customize our work-processes to suit the requirements of our clients. Our team of young, talented professionals work, focusing on resultantly devised and the most structured approach which can aid in achieving anything, our clients can ask for.

We provide IT managed services which include Database Administration and Management Services, Round the clock services such as Email, Chat, Tele Presence, Remote Technical Support Centre Services, and Application Services related to Production Support and Maintenance. Apart from these, we provide other customized managed services too, as required by our esteem clients.

We are also an Extended Managed Service Provider, providing managed services to other MSP’s.

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